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"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!"

I'm a PhD candidate at Stanford linguistics. My interests lie in sociophonetics and linguistic anthropology. I approach language as a social practice in a broad cultural/semiotic landscape, and explore the interactional/stylistic social meanings and their associated phonetic realizations and cognitive processes, drawing connections in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, and pragmatics. My dissertation research examines how speech variation brings about a sense of relationship in social interactions.

At Stanford, I mainly work with Penny Eckert and Rob Podesva. I am a member of the Interactional Sociophonetics Lab and the Voices of California Project, and the coordinator of the sociolinguistics weekly meeting (SocioLunch) this year.

Before joining Stanford, I mostly focused on phonetics, prosody, psycholinguitics and bilingualism while working with Peggy Mok and Gloria Zhang at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My thesis examined the cross-linguistic perception of intonation.


NEXT :  I am heading to Melbourne, Australia for ICPhS 2019 to present my work in California's PIN-PEN merger. Can't wait to seeing my phonetics friends and colleagues! Please hit my up whenever you can!

In my spare time, I go to theater (Sondheim is my spirit composer/lyricist, and I have a penchant for small-scale, intimate musical play), museums (for both arts and dinosaurs), and zoos (I wanted to study animal behavior in high school; in a weird way, I am); and I capture "color and light" on "Ordinary Days" on my Instagram.